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Wednesday, June 15, 2005 I am ending this will be notified of where the one is that has family info and pictures on it....and if anyone wants the link to what will become my crafty one...just let me know (this will just make it easier to keep everyone updated on what they need to know:)


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Sunday, June 12, 2005  

well...this last week has been freaking hot (90 degrees) and humid (some days 80-90 percent humidity)....I have not been very motivated...but I did make these...

I actually made two...these are for friends for christmas and the material is "how to keep your husband".....

and then I made this one out of an old table cloth from my grandmother....and Lucy Ella decided that it is hers...

the other day we lost power for 2 hours (from an accident, the speeding young man is just fine...luckily....but it was still blazing hot and humid....)....and that refrigeration for 2 hours...Andrew pulled out the generator and gave it a go.....and it worked wonderfully and we we learned the coolers/freezers could go for 3 hours without needing a hookup....yeah!

this morning I was greeted by this lovely moth

it is beautiful!

so...I did not get as much accomplished as I wanted to...but I do have my apron ready for embellishment for "tie one on" june theme....home on the a couple nights of embroidery and applique and I will have that one to show off....

as far as knitting luck there...I just can't deal with the wool...hopefully the humidity will break on tuesday or wednesday and then I will have some socks to show....

I am going to hide in our air conditioned bedroom....good night to all!

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005  

mmm...thundering and lightening! Yeah!!!! (and it helped cool off the freaking humidity....even better!)

I started my apron gallery...a whole 3 aprons so favorite is this

It belonged to my grandmother, ella. I can still see her in it:) So, whenever I need a pick me up this is the one I put on for work. (and it goes with most of my summer clothing)....

I have started a pair of socks out of the shades of grey and red noro kuryeon I had sitting around. I am turning the heel in the first and realize I don't have enough for the pair I need to make, so I ordered more (along with 4 more colors and enough to make some more is so chunky and easy knitting...a great break from the size zero needles)......and while I was at it...I ordered more yarn to dye....

and then some change purse clasps....I will let all interested parties know what I think (I have been desperately wanting to make cute little clasped change purses!)

Time to go enjoy a cooler evening....good night to all!

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Happy Birthday Dar!

(my sister!)

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okay...pretend it is tuesday and this is my self portrait.....

what did I learn from this picture???? I think I need some new glasses this fall and I really need to do my eyebrows....yikes!

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Monday, June 06, 2005  

BTW...hello kim...just saw your comment about the country me with any questions you have and I will let you know:)

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oh've done it to me again!

today i finally got a chance to make a few more of the double wine bottle bags...there are no pictures since I am still not completely satisfied with them...and I also did some repairs I needed to do....

on tap for this week....

aprons...aprons...and more aprons....I am working away on christmas gifts and aprons for me for in the store....I might do a bit more on miss boos sweater but the weather has been terribly hot and humid so I haven't had too much motivation to knit.....

as for the magazines...domino is okay...I would buy an issue every now and then but I am not too nuts....but I do like violet a bunch and will give a years subscription a chance....

and alas, I do want my family to know I did enjoy my visit ever so much, I always hate to see everyone leave...I love ya all soooo much....:(

off to lock up the store...

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005  

Crazy weekend...we were busy in the store.....and my parents came over:) and then my sister and her husband were here for sunday night....I made my sister a wine bag (which I did not take a picture of:( but I will be making more soon)

Today my parents helped me escape and I did my quarterly Walmart shopping. and I also went to the book store and got these

Knit.1* cloth.paper.scissors* domino* violet*- Magazines

and the great new multi colored journal (excuse the blurry picture...little miss was having a hard time holding it up)

and this fantastic stationary from chronicle books

yeah....i am so psyched for a little reading time tonight:)

I also got some pom poms and ric rack so when my shipments of fabric arrive from glorious color and reprodepot I will be ready....aprons, dresses for boo...and christmas presents....wooo hooo

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005  

just noticed the previous post has now only become one copy....dang blogger...confusing me more and more...oh well....

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| the last post I was happy but why it published three times is beyond me and it only lists it once in the "edit posts" setting so i am at a loss...ugh...

things that were delightful today*
the girlie who said she would clean showed up and will come every wednesday!
dh is going running at 8 pm so I should have a minute to prepare some sewing
I got the snack mixes bagged and priced so I WILL have a chance to sew tomorrowart from miss boo...

things that are horrid*
day three without sugar!!!! I am trying to get rid of my addiction to the "white devil" and the dang sugar keeps tempting me.....pammy made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and brownies with toasted pecans....ugh......(fyi...incase you don't know...we own a general store and I have access to oodles of sugary delights that I can get any time of day or night...not good!) to set up the ir0ning board and get cracking!


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Tuesday, May 24, 2005  

today it started out in the high 30's....and it only got to the low 40's...dang luckily I finished miss boo's socks

she is sooo happy and is wearing them in bed as I type this....I also got a chance to make a pattern of one of the things from my zakka-handmade I will hoepfully get a chance to sew it tomorrow....

and the girlie who said she would clean for me this summer will be here tomorrow!!!!!wooo hoooo.....

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